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29 June 2015: Stage 1 & 2

The Bestmed- Shukuma Madibaz Cycling team is currently in second position overall in the USSA team competition. 
Marinus Prinsloo is currently in second position in the Yellow Jersey Competition.

30 June 2015: Stage 3

After stage 3 of the 2015 USSA Cycling competition, the Bestmed-Shukuma Madibaz cyclists are still in second position overall.

1 July 2015: Stage 4

The Bestmed-Shukuma Madibaz Cycling team are in 3rd position after day three of the 2015 USSA tournament.

2 July 2015:

The Bestmed- Shukuma Madibaz cycling team ended in a well-deserved second position at the 2015 USSA Cycling tournament.

Individual Category:

Marinus Prinsloo - 5th overall

Christiaan Van Aardt - 6th overall

Marinus and Christiaan are in the Top 10 for the USSA National Squad.

The team gave it their all since they had to compete with only three Madibaz cyclists throughout most of the tournament, compared to other Universities having up to 7 cyclists in their teams.